Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services in Madison, WI

A water heater is essential to your daily life and a vital component of your plumbing network. With a life span of between 8 and 12 years, your water heater may start to lose efficiency or need frequent repairs around the 10-year mark, and our experts might suggest replacing your water heater. Moreover, replacing your water heater might be the most cost- and energy-efficient option for your home if it is in need of constant repairs.

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Signs Your Water Heater May Need Repair

Waking up to a cold shower is a clear sign that something’s wrong, but your water heater will show other signs of repair needs as well. Watch for these common problems:

  • Leaks – Leaks can indicate that there is a crack somewhere in the water heater or the pipes that draw water from it. Small leaks may be repairable. Similarly, your plumbing professional can fix leaks coming from seals or pipes.
  • Rust – If you notice rust around your water heater tank, or if you start noticing rust-colored water, then it means rust is inside the water heater as well. This can lead to corrosion and the failure of the tank. Have a plumber find the source of rust. If it’s from the pipes, not the water heater directly, it may be repairable.
  • Cold Water – Cold water could be from a poorly operating thermostat. It can also be due to pilot light or heating element problems.
  • Discolored Water – Discolored water that’s not due to rust can be because of sediment buildup in the water heater. Removing this buildup is a common repair.
  • Noises – Your water heater shouldn’t make clanking or popping noises. This can also indicate sediment that needs to be removed.

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Water Heater Repair vs. Replacement

When you suspect that your water heater is on the fritz, you will need to decide between repair and replacement. Some repairs are simply too costly to warrant the investment. It may be just as affordable to replace the system and enjoy increased efficiency.

A good rule of thumb is this: If the repair costs 50% or more of the cost of a new water heater, then you should simply replace it. The improved efficiency and longer life span of a new system are worth the higher investment. Similarly, if the repairs are becoming frequent, it can indicate that it’s time to get a new water heater.

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Types of Water Heaters for Replacement Services

Tankless Water Heaters

Whether you are replacing your current water heater or choosing your appliances for a new build, a tankless water heater is a great alternative to a traditional water heater, with benefits that include:

  • Reduced energy usage – A tankless water heater uses fuel only when there is a demand for hot water, unlike a standard water heater, which cycles on and off all day to ensure the contents remain at the desired temperature.
  • Longer life span – Durable components, less exposure to moisture, and replaceable parts mean your tankless water heater will likely last longer than a traditional hot water tank. 
  • Endless supply – A standard hot water tank has a limited supply of hot water on hand, but a tankless heater can provide a limitless supply, heating cold water from the supply line as needed.
  • Lower environmental impact – A tankless water heater uses less fuel operate, and many of its components are replaceable, unlike a standard tank that may need to be replaced in its entirety.

Benefits of Standard Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have a number of advantages, but they’re not the best option for every home or budget. Before you make your decision on which type of water heater to install, consider these benefits of standard water heaters:

  • Lower installation cost – Standard water heaters have a lower upfront cost than a tankless system, making them a more economical choice for those with a limited budget.
  • Immediate supply – Since a tankless water heater only works on demand, there is a delay between the time you turn on your faucet and when you begin to receive hot water as you wait for it to heat. With a standard water heater, the hot water begins to flow almost immediately, as it is already stored in the tank.
  • Ease of installation – If you are replacing your existing water tank with a new standard tank, the installation process is easier than that of a tankless system, which will likely require a special venting system and larger gas lines due to the higher BTU rating.
  • Emergency water supply – In the event of an emergency where your water supply may be restricted, your water tank holds a reserve that can help you get by until the situation is resolved.

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FAQs About Water Heater Replacement

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding water heater replacement:

  • How long does it take to replace a water heater? As long as everything goes smoothly, removing your old water heater and installing a new one should take one to three hours.
  • Will my new water heater have a warranty? We offer a two-year warranty on all of our products and services. We keep an accurate and detailed account for every service performed in a two-year period.
  • How much does it cost to replace a water heater? The price depends on the size and type of water heater you choose. Keep in mind that changing fuel sources or styles may increase the installation cost if you need to add gas lines, electrical wiring, or a new venting system.
  • How soon can you replace my water heater? We pride ourselves on offering same-day service. We will try our hardest to get your water heater replaced as soon as possible.

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