Sink Repair in Madison, WI

Your sinks are probably the most underappreciated plumbing fixtures in your home, but they need as much attention as the rest of your fixtures. They contribute to your drainage, deal with spills, and add to your daily hygiene habits. They’re a core part of your everyday life, and Avid Plumbing treats them with the respect they deserve.

Signs You Need a Sink Repair

Your sink and faucet are relatively simple fixtures, but that doesn’t mean they’re without their problems. We handle a range of common sink problems, including:

  • Dripping faucets: Constant dripping does more than create an annoying noise. A minor drip can waste up to a liter of water every hour.
  • Garbage disposal blockages: This issue can be due to a lack of flushing water or overzealous grinding. We’ll address the cause and repair so that you won’t need to call us in a week with a new blockage.
  • Water pressure reduction: Low water pressure can prevent many of your appliances from running correctly. We’ll address your water pressure problems through accurate diagnosis. This way, our solution will last.
  • Drain clogs: Drains are one of the hardest workers in your home. They must cope with daily grease and grime, so blockages are a common inconvenience. Our cutting-edge technology provides a solution for even the toughest and deepest blockages.
  • Loose garbage disposals: Garbage disposals tend to work themselves loose due to frequent, trapped objects. We’ll seal off your flange and provide a fast repair.
  • Blocked drain lines: When blockages sink below your home, they can be challenging to repair. Innovative new equipment is up for the task, though. We can repair tough blockages without digging out your entire pipeline.

Our repair team can also repair aesthetic problems like cracked porcelain and ceramics. We’re also adept at working with cast iron and rust.

Sink Fixture Installation Services

Every sink is made up of a few key components. Your drains, faucets, and garbage disposal are core parts of your basin area, so it’s important to choose an experienced installation company that can select the correct fixtures for your infrastructure. Kitchen sink trends are constantly changing. Modern households are choosing deeper, more functional sinks than ever before. We can install all the trendiest features, including pull-down sprayers and pasta arms.

Your bathroom sinks need an entirely different set of features, many of which are aesthetic. We’ll give you a wide range of options that will turn that practical old sink into something beautiful. An excellent installation assures you an easy service life. If you have the right fit and fixtures, swelling and water pressure problems can be prevented. A well-handled installation also gives you functional shutoff valves, adequate drain fittings, and reliable faucets. In short, they make your life easier years into the future.

Why Choose Avid Plumbing?

Avid Plumbing employs a team of highly knowledgeable professionals. They can be trusted to deal effectively with all your sink woes, fixture replacements, and drains. Our plumbers are licensed, but we also pay careful attention to our pricing. We believe in transparent, competitive contracts. We’ll make sure you receive the service you need at a price you can afford. We’re fast, reliable, and offer a one-year labor warranty. In a hurry? Then use our same-day or 24-hour emergency support.

Sink breakages can’t always wait until tomorrow. Avid Plumbing’s emergency team has fully stocked trucks, so they arrive with all the equipment required to affect a quick repair. Call us for all your sink-related needs at 608-661-2843.