Heat Pump Water Heaters in Madison, WI

Madison homeowners looking to save on water and energy costs might consider a hybrid, also known as a heat pump, water heater system. Avid Plumbing recommends these energy-efficient alternatives so your home has a reliable source of hot water. Instead of operating on gas, a hybrid water heater uses surrounding air molecules heated through electricity.

These units heat water while in use, producing a precise amount of hot water for your household. Trust Madison’s preferred plumbing professionals to make the switch to a heat pump water heater. We’ll help you install and maintain your new upgrade so you can enjoy the best in home comfort.

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What Is a Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater?

A hybrid heat pump water heater combines the technology of an electric water heater with a heat pump. They’re considered “hybrid” because they have features from tankless and tank water heaters.

In a heat pump system, water is heated in a storage unit by extracting heat from the surrounding air. This system is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking an energy-efficient solution to whole-home water heating.

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Repairing Your Heat Pump Water Heater

If your heat pump water heater is inconsistent, an Avid Plumbing pro is ready to help. We understand how important a timely repair is when it comes to hot water, which is why we offer 24/7 response and same-day service.

We’re equipped to work on all plumbing brands and have vast experience with alternative water heater systems.

Heat Pump Water Heater Installation

Madison residents can count on us to help install a heat pump water heater. We’ll first consult you on your household’s hot water use to determine whether this system is a good fit.

A one-year labor and material warranty covers all our water heater installations, and we work diligently to leave your home in pristine condition from project start to finish.

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How To Maintain Your Heat Pump Water Heater

We have a few helpful tips to keep your heat pump water heater in top shape. To reduce limescale or sediment buildup, homeowners should consider flushing the hybrid water heater tank every six to 12 months.

Hybrid water heaters also have a vital filter on top of the unit. Routinely cleaning this filter will protect its efficiency. We recommend annual, professional maintenance to check the pressure of the temperature relief valve, too.

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Why Choose Avid Plumbing?

Avid Plumbing is Madison’s premier water heater repair, installation, and maintenance expert. We offer specialized services for hybrid heat pump models, as well as tanklesselectric, and gas water heaters.

Our customers rely on us for transparent, attentive care, plus energy-efficient water heater solutions. Let us help you upgrade to a heat pump water heater.

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What are the benefits of a heat pump water heater?

A heat pump water heater lasts a long time and reduces water heating costs significantly. It’s an eco-friendly alternative that is quickly gaining popularity.

How long does a hybrid water heater last?

A hybrid water heater can last up to 16 to 18 years if properly maintained. This lifespan is much longer than a traditional tank system. Preventing sediment buildup in the hybrid water heater tank extends its lifespan, too.

Is a heat pump water heater a good fit for my home?

Because a hybrid heat pump system contains a tank, it might not be the best fit for households tight on space. Condos or smaller homes might consider a tankless water heater instead.