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How to Maintain Your Water Heater and Maximize its Life Span

Posted On: June 17, 2021

Have you ever woken up in the dark, already running late but absolutely needing a shower, only to step in under what may as well be an arctic waterfall? We hope not! Unfortunately, this is a common problem when your water heater experiences a critical failure. If you’re a busy homeowner, chances are you don’t […]

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Countertop vs. Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems

Posted On: May 20, 2021

Is your tap water as clean as you want it to be? If you’re like most Madison, WI homeowners, you crave a reliable, affordable way to remove impurities that could affect the taste and safety of your drinking water. The biggest question you may have is this—should you install a countertop water filter or a […]

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4 Common Reasons for Water Heater Leaks

Posted On: March 23, 2021

It’s just laundry day. A busy, but regular afternoon. You go down into the basement to throw in another load … and there, right under the water heater: a dreaded, unexplainable puddle. In our experience, people usually have two reactions to a water heater leak. They go something like this: “Oh great! The house is […]

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