Did You Know Madison Has a Toilet Rebate Program?

A hand pressing the toilet flush button in a renovated white bathroom.

Madison, WI, homeowners can earn back money on their bathroom plumbing projects by making an environmentally conscious choice. The Madison Water Utility program now rewards residents who install a WaterSense-rated high-efficiency toilet (HET) in their homes. A WaterSense label is applied to EPA-approved toilets that meet performance and efficiency criteria.

By switching to a HET, you can receive up to $100 in credit toward its installation. Let an Avid Plumbing professional help you choose a HET model today.

Madison’s Toilet Rebate Program

Madison Water Utility’s toilet rebate program seeks to reduce water waste and protect the deep-well aquifer source that supplies the Madison metropolitan area. It’s a vital part of an ongoing sustainability effort.

Toilets on the eligible list must use 1.28 gallons per flush or less and be considered a HET on the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense list. To apply for the rebate, homeowners or businesses must provide an itemized receipt or proof of purchase of a HET model. If purchased through a contractor, an original itemized invoice must be submitted. 

Read on to find out if your household or business is eligible for a toilet rebate.

Who’s Eligible?

Eligible participants for this program must be full-time Madison-area residents and current customers of Madison Water Utility. Customers who don’t live in MWU’s service area are not eligible.

Residential or multifamily customers may receive one rebate as a bill credit per apartment unit or home. Commercial customers, including industrial and public authority institutions, can receive up to 20 rebate bill credits.

Replacement toilets must meet the EPA’s WaterSense requirements. The rebate applies to replacement installations only, not new construction builds.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Toilet

A new toilet can improve your bathroom plumbing’s performance while helping conserve water. Every ounce of water saved means a reduced utility bill. A HET installation also increases property value, particularly if it has enhanced features like automatic flushing.

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