Complete Water Treatment Services

Improve the taste, pressure and overall condition of your property’s water. Everyone deserves to have access to healthy water to drink and shower with but few know how easy it can be to improve your water treatment system.

Let our well-trained and experienced technicians delve into the details of your home’s water system and discover how to improve the taste and functionality of your tap. Labor and materials are always backed by a minimum of a 2 year warranty.

Water filtration and softening

Shower and drink comfortably with service to improve your tap water in both taste and usage. We can change or install your filtration system for better tasting, safer water and offer water conditioning for a better shower!

Available for same-day plumbing jobs

If you have an urgent need for us to look at your water filtration system or you have leaking pipes or valves, let Avid Plumbing offer efficient repairs to avoid further problems on your property.

Plumbing technicians who respect the integrity of your home

When our employees arrive to test and maintain your water filtration system, they will always cover all surfaces if need be and remove shoes to keep your home intact. We strive to provide superior customer service and quality plumbing products for every job.

  • Water filtration
  • Water conditioning
  • Water softeners
  • Water pressure
  • Filter changes
  • Filter installations
  • Pipe and valve repairs
  • Water line service