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Enjoy Clean, Fresh Water in Your Home

If your tap water is bitter and you thought the problem was your kitchen plumbing, the likely culprit is hard water. Excess calcium and magnesium can leave a metallic taste, damage your laundry, tiles, plumbing, and appliances, and cause skin conditions, but we can help. 

At Avid Plumbing, our certified plumbing team will test your water and recommend the best solutions to remove contaminants, hard water taste, limescale buildup for bathroom plumbing, and more. We offer same-day service, competitive, honest pricing, and one-year ironclad labor and material warranties.

Enjoy safe, clean water free from impurities. Schedule a water test for your McFarland home by calling Avid Plumbing at 608-661-2843.

Water Filtration

Whether you have well water or municipal water, it might contain contaminants, metals, or bacteria. At Avid Plumbing, our water treatment and filtration solutions include water treatment system repair and replacement. We’ll expertly resolve your plumbing issues and have cost-efficient financing available.

If left unfiltered or untreated, water might have:

  • Physical contamination like dirt, floating bits, and dissolved solids
  • Biological contaminants like viruses, bacteria, parasites, and microorganisms
  • Chemicals like pesticides, copper, arsenic, radon, lead, and heavy metals
  • High mineral content and acidity, sediment, corrosion, and rust
  • Noxious odors from pollutants like sulfur or chlorine

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Water Softening Solutions

Hard water includes large amounts of magnesium and calcium that fade laundry, dry hair and skin, and cause limescale buildup that ages appliances prematurely and affects plumbing fixtures and water lines.

Our water softening service neutralizes hard water by using sodium or potassium ions to remove excess mineral content. Let our professionals extract harsh minerals that enter your tank and provide an improved water taste and better balance. 

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Backflow Testing

While pipes run clean water into your home and wastewater out, backflow is when wastewater pollutes clean water and is dangerous to humans and animals. To combat drops in water pressure, we offer safety devices that block dirty water contaminants. 

Our backflow testing and prevention keeps your water flowing correctly throughout your plumbing system and maintains compliance with the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Factors that cause backflow include: 

  • Damaged plumbing components and pipe blockages
  • Water pressure changes in the water main or from a power outage
  • Improperly installed pipes 

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Why Choose Us?

Maintaining plumbing and fixtures is essential for McFarland homes. Whether you have a water heater leak, want to prevent frozen pipes, or need a water test, turn to us.

At Avid Plumbing, our experts offer top-notch water treatment and softening solutions, and we keep our vehicles fully stocked to make quick and efficient same-day repairs and replacements.

Our industry-leading labor and material warranty covers kitchen and bathroom fixtures and all plumbing services. For responsive and friendly service, rely on our plumbing experts.

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