Water Treatment Services & Solutions in Fitchburg, WI

Enjoy Clean, Fresh Water for Your Home

Water quality matters, from the taste of your drinking water to the life span of your appliances. At Avid Plumbing, we want you and your family to enjoy the best water possible. That’s why we provide top-notch water treatment services in the Fitchburg area.

Our plumbing team has the unparalleled expertise to address any plumbing problem, including poor water quality. Whether you have bad-tasting water, hard water, acidic water, or bacterial contamination, rely on the pros at Avid Plumbing for a long-lasting solution.

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Water Filtration Services

Water quality challenges can stem from a variety of sources, no matter if it’s municipal water or from a well. Common water issues include unwanted odors or poor taste. This can result from outdated water lines, external malfunctions, or geographical contamination.

Avid Plumbing can help. We can install a water filtration system to purify your water so it’s safe for consumption and use. Whether you’re facing a water quality issue or want to be proactive, we’re happy to equip your home with a water treatment system that meets your needs.

Depending on your situation and needs, our team can customize your filtration system to solve specific problems. The most common uses of water treatment include preventing:

  • Poor-tasting water
  • Odors (like sulfur or chlorine)
  • Excessive sediment or dissolved solids
  • Rust staining
  • High acidity or mineral content
  • Bacterial or viral contamination
  • Carcinogen contamination (like lead, heavy metals, or cleaning chemicals)

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Water Softening Services

Water can sometimes harden due to high levels of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. This can negatively impact a home’s plumbing and appliances or a person’s skin and hair.

You won’t have to worry about these problems with reliable water-softening systems. Avid Plumbing has specially designed systems to replace calcium and magnesium in water with sodium or potassium ions to diminish its hardness. We’ve helped service countless homes in Fitchburg and beyond to ensure their water is routinely safe.

Backflow Testing

Don’t get blindsided by water quality issues. Have Avid Plumbing perform backflow testing to see if your system is properly functioning. This test ensures that water only flows in the direction away from a potential source of contamination. Otherwise, the water can backflow and potentially contaminate a clean water supply.

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Why Choose Avid Plumbing?

When you choose Avid Plumbing to tackle your water treatment needs, you can expect superior solutions that meet your needs and budget. We stand apart from other plumbers in Fitchburg by offering: 

  • 24-hour emergency services: Day or night, we’ll be ready to help when you have a plumbing emergency.
  • One-year labor warranty: We back our services with our industry-leading minimum one-year labor and materials warranty.
  • Same-day services available: Some problems can’t wait. We offer same-day service to ensure your needs are met promptly.
  • Fully stocked service trucks: Our team will arrive with the parts and tools needed to complete the job.
  • Upfront, competitive service pricing: We offer honest, upfront pricing so you never suffer from sticker shock.

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