Countertop vs. Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems

hand pouring a glass from water filter tap, close-up view

Is your tap water as clean as you want it to be? If you’re like most Madison, WI homeowners, you crave a reliable, affordable way to remove impurities that could affect the taste and safety of your drinking water. The biggest question you may have is this—should you install a countertop water filter or a whole-home water filtration system? Learn the differences between these two options to help you make the right choice.

What Are Countertop Water Filters?

Countertop water filters are nonpermanent, point-of-use (POU) models placed on the countertop near a sink. The two most popular options include water filter pitchers and filters that attach directly to the faucet. Under-the-sink models are a similar type of POU filter that installs out of the way rather than sitting visible on the counter.

What Are Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems?

Also known as point-of-entry (POE) filters, whole-home water filtration systems are installed where the main water line enters the house. This means it filters all of your water, whether it flows from faucets, out of shower heads, or into your toilets, dishwasher, or washing machine. Examples of POE filters include water softeners, ultraviolet purification systems, sediment filters, carbon filters, and acid neutralizers.

Cost of Countertop vs. Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems

Understandably, countertop water filters are the less expensive option to purchase and install. You can often find the product you want, along with replacement filters, from a local retailer.

Still, even though whole-house systems cost between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars, the investment pays for itself by extending the life span of your pipes and plumbing appliances. In addition to reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements, running filtered water through your entire house lets you cook, clean, shower, wash clothes, and do dishes with confidence. You can’t put a price on peace of mind!

Effectiveness of Countertop vs. Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems

Both countertop water filters and whole-home models remove numerous contaminants from your tap water, improving its smell and taste while enhancing safety. Select the type of filtration you want to remove the impurities that concern you the most, including chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, nitrates, bacteria, and parasites.

However, only whole-home filtration protects your pipes, plumbing fixtures, and appliances from damage. This option also allows you to shower and wash items with filtered water, providing benefits for your hair, skin, nails, clothing, and dishes.

Installation Requirements for Countertop vs. Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems

Countertop models are lightweight, portable, easy to install, and don’t take up much space. Pitchers require no installation whatsoever! It’s important to note that faucet filters may be incompatible with modern faucets that feature detachable spray nozzles. You must also install a device on every faucet if you want to enjoy filtered drinking water throughout your home.

Professional installation is required for whole-home water filters, which adds to the cost and complexity of the project. Still, the final result is clean, purified water throughout your home with no visible filter at the tap. Be aware that running your home’s water supply through a filter can sometimes decrease the water pressure. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix—simply supplement the filtration system with a water booster pump.

Get Help Selecting a Water Filtration System in Madison, WI

Clearly, both countertop and whole-home water filters offer valuable benefits. If you still need help making your final selection, turn to Avid Plumbing for advice. Our experienced team can assess your situation and provide personalized advice for optimum water filtration. We also have you covered if you require professional water filter installation.

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