Expert Water Heater Services in Madison, WI

Repair, Replacement & Installation

Get complete care for your water heater, no matter what make or model you have. Our well-educated technicians will listen to your needs and inform you of exactly what we will need to do to repair, service, and maintain your water heater.

Whether you need small water heater repairs, water heater installation, or water heater replacement, Avid Plumbing LLC are the ones to contact for water heater and plumbing services.

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Water Heater Installation in Madison

The right water heater is one that will be able to efficiently support your needs without costing you too much in monthly energy bills.

When you are ready to install a new water heater, Avid Plumbing will inspect your current plumbing and electrical systems and help you determine what is best for your needs and home. Our professional technicians will install your new system as soon as possible, with our 2-year warranty!

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Replacement and Repair Services

The highly trained, professional team at Avid Plumbing is ready to improve the performance and integrity of your water heater. Our technicians can offer repair services at competitive prices. We will try to repair your water heater, but if replacing your old water heater with a new one is the most cost-efficient option, we can guide you through your options. We can install the following types of water heaters:

Replacing your current water heater with a new Bradford White water heater comes with a minimum of a 2-year parts and labor warranty along with a 6-year warranty for the tank, to ensure superior service and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are a popular choice because the water is heated on demand. This is not like most water heaters, in which the water is maintained in a water storage reservoir. A new tankless water heater works efficiently, saves space, and ensures your water is always being heated. On average, tankless water heaters are 20-60% more efficient than other models, making them more cost-effective over their life span than other models.

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All of our available services come with the guarantee that it will be done with our trustworthy technicians. We have same-day service, fully stocked trucks, and competitive and honest pricing. When you choose us, you are choosing honesty and integrity with every job. Labor and products for new water heater installations come with a minimum of a 2-year warranty to ensure superior service on your property and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Get your water heaters services completed right the first time with efficient and reliable repairs from the Avid Plumbing team. We will make your plumbing-related problems our priority and get to your property the same day for immediate and urgent repairs.

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