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Feel confident in our emergency plumbing services with our accurate record-keeping of all equipment and services rendered on your property so we know exactly how long your installations and workmanship are warrantied for.


24 Hour Emergency Plumber

Don't get caught off guard with a leaky pipe, clogged drain, running toilet or flooded floor. Our reliable and trusted technicians at Avid Plumbing will be there to help you when you have urgent problems that just can't wait. Flooding and pooling water can create damage to your home and appliances so it's important to seek fast repairs.


Many plumbing emergencies can inconvenience your life and leave you without the use of hot water, working drains, flushing toilets and more. So contact us for help today!

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We are ready to help you when plumbing disasters strike. With our expert employees, stocked trucks and same-day availability, we are the best choice to get fast and reliable plumbing service and repairs.

Backed by a minimum of 2 years

Fully stocked trucks at the ready!

  • Bathtubs and showers

  • Toilets, sinks and drains

  • Sewers and gas lines

  • Water Softeners

  • Garbage Disposals

  • Sump Pumps

  • Broken Water Pipes

  • Drain Lines

  • Water Heaters

  • Laundry plumbing

FREE estimates for plumbing services, repairs and installations

Get immediate service and repairs for toilets, drains, pipes and much more!

Call 608-661-2843

Same-Day Service

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